30 September 2010

boom !

* Thanks for coming love you all ! xx

27 September 2010

hi readers, okay lets start :)
Saturday, okay went Myra's Open House with Dinie and Ainaa and met Ezreen as well ! miss you so much darling :') i was sooooooooo happy dapat jumpa Ezreen and she wore tudung ! comelnya kamu ezreen hihi :) and then we went Amirah's lovely home sweet home, just ate some biskut raya and drank a glass of water, on our way from Amirah's to my house something happen it was fu*king funny tau dinie haha okay i'm sure that Dinie or Ainaa will write something about this haha Dinie dinie -.-' hahhaa  we actually wanted to go to Aliah's bf''s open house but we can't make it :( kak Leeya sorry gila gila gila gila gila :'(  it was raining like crazy dgn payung kebenda segala kan omg we was like -.-' errrrrr and then 2 incidents happen again it was funny like hell, i dont know why on my way to take aliah i was walking with Dinie and suddenly i felt on the sidewalk dgn begitu sopannya haha i don't know why -.-' ainaa, dinie and amirah were like gelak tak ingat dunia and i was like HELLO GALS ! sakit tahu tak -.-' hahaha, then AGAIN went Amirah's lovely yellow big house because thats the only way for us that time. Thanks Amirah for the shirt and pants hihi muah muah :*
thats all readers till then :)

22 September 2010

impossible impossible impossible impossible
Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.

20 September 2010

Hi readers, bangun lambat ke sekolah adalah perkara yang sangat biasa buat saya dan itulah yang terjadi pada pagi tadi haha god i was like damn i'm late !  walking nervously to school  and sampai sampai i was shocked that Dinie smpai awal gilo haha good job ! :) i hate when Dinie started to make stupid faces -.-' damn funny haha and they said that i have scream-o laugh -.-' sudah sudah lah haha and ! i gave Dinie her present and sungguh membanggakan kerana orang kedua yang bagi hihi thats all i guess tata

19 September 2010

hi readers ! hohoho, its SUNDAYzz cool ha ? haha tomorrow i'm going to be the laziest girl cause I don't like to wake up early morning -.-' but kinda excited apahal lah cakap mcm apa haaha, okay my day start when i woke up at 10 i guess haha awal gilo and ate my breakfast but just a little. Then at 2pm i went Klcc and spent my time walking and talking and singing and eating there. Bought some books from Kinokuniya hihi :D then go back home at 7 i guess :) THE END bye bye 

18 September 2010

Well hello hello people! well i'm fine but just a little bit disappointed cause suddenly i can't attend  Dinie's Open House but nvm the past is the past what can i do kan ? hmm well just one more day ! and after that its school day, 30% malas 70% excited :) can't wait to meet my friends hihi bye bye love ya
Dinie mana ? ainaa mana ? amirah mana ? qurra mana ? mana ? mana ? mana ?
amoi, manyak cantikz ! huhu

15 September 2010

Hohoho people ! sleepover at my cousin's house was awesome ! we played monopoly, haha yelah jarang main kan, so i was like totally excited haha O.o and i want to make a confession that, lidya dayini is gettin FATTER ! hahaha wooooooo -.-' everyday i eat almost 4 times hahaha itu tak campur makan kuih raya, cake, ice cream and all kind of dessert lah haha yalah whatever lah haha so have a nice day readers mwah mwah

13 September 2010

Hey hooo ! sorry cause i've been neglecting my  blog,almaklumlah orang raya kan tgh syok syok haha but NOW ! i'm posting-.-' hehe nothing much i just want to beraya with my gals and i already miss them :'( on the phone with Dinie for an hour, quite interesting haha, merepek -.-' at least rindu tu lepas lah sikit an ? ahaaa! k people ! have a blast ! mwah mwah

make a wish

Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday ! at last you are 14 ! 
*may god bless you and all your wishes come true 
* present kau, biar aku fikir dulu ya hahaha :) 
love you pretty !

10 September 2010


hooyeahhh ! hey loves, kecing kecing ! i smell money hihi man its not enough i need to kumpul MORE ! give me more ! haha wahh gilo tamak kau lidya aha, so ni jelah gambo yang sempat saya masukkan kerana rasa malas untuk meng-upload kan gambar(s) hihi so have fun ! love ya ! xx

09 September 2010

nenek ! tunggu saya datang ! hihi

Heeeeyyy dear readers ! tomorrow is such a big day for all Muslims cause its Hari Raya ! hihi i know everyone are going to be excited as they can haha main bunga api , mercuun lah and all ya with dearest family But unfortunately Ramadhan is over,  gonna miss Ramadhan :'( Ramadhan is such a great month and i hope this is not my last Ramadhan goodbye Ramadhan hope tahun depan kita jumpa lagi :') So to all muslims selamat hari raya and maafkanlah saya jikalau ada tersalah bahasa tersilap kata jangan risau saya sudah pun maafkan anda hihi bye bye !

06 September 2010

forever young i wanna be forever young - jay.z

beautiful ♥

hey loves, today nothing much hihi just break fast with piz-zzaaaaa again -.-' kenyang gilo den haha, mak saya kata balik kampung hari khamis ni hihi omg sungguh tidak menyabarkan diri hahaha wait for me kampungggzz ! here i come !

04 September 2010

heyyo ! Assalamualaikum dear readers :) yesterday i was so tired and forgot to update my blog hehe yesterday i break-fast at my dad's office ada something function hihi, quite fun because kak Aza was there ! Cool ! siap ada sesi borak borak lagi hahaha --' ya kak Aza tak pernah berhenti cakap haha my second nonstop talking machine hihi what a blast night ! tata xx

01 September 2010

night night everyone sleep well love ya
hi hola hey readers ! today i got my cheese tarts from T.Aisyah damn i hate this, they smell too nice and feel like wanna eat them :O woooooooo puasa wooo jaga jaga haha, well lastly Selamat Hari Raya :)
Hi adik manis, mari naik sekali ?
i know who i am
ya i know, i'm lonely without you