31 August 2010

Malaysia Truly Asia


30 August 2010

Everything has been figured out, except how to live. HMMM mari kita fikirkan hehe

shuhh ! don't tell anybody hehe

29 August 2010


hey readers ! hola ! i just finished my Geography Folio hihi actually teacher already gave it long time ago but ... ah you know i'm a lazy girl DINIE pun hahaha :p Today break-fast at Cozy House yummy, ah need some sleep i'm too tired byeeeeee ! xx

28 August 2010

Good Morning ! Hey Sunday xx

What a BLAST Saturday night ! hehe singing spongebob squarepant's song hihi laughing all night and break fast with yummy pizza with DEAREST DINIE huhu ♥

27 August 2010

23 August 2010

i'll try my best to be the best ! wish me luck and goodluck everyone xx
hola readers, its Monday a very painful monday  my stomach :( ahh hate this -.- B.M paper was quite okay tomorrow science and geography -..- ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh XD poning kepalo eden xx

21 August 2010

sudah sudah sudah !


kepala hotak mu lah -.-

amirah ! ♥

Amirah binti Ahmad Fauzi, hmm who's the one that always give me chocolate every morning  except this month because its fasting month hehe :D DAIM woahhhh :O sometimes she might be a very strict class leader but sometimes she can be as funny as she can haha XD muah muah mira sayyyaaangg xx

20 August 2010


Dear readers , today its all about my lovely friend Ainaa Nadhira Binti Azman. We've known for 4 years and last year we started to be friend like good friend  till now and i hope forever baby love you xx

19 August 2010

dinie ! ♥

Nurdinie binti Mohd Ridzun ,the best of the best since standard 5 ! you are my non stop talking machine baby love you soo much xx

16 August 2010

hey hey hey soo isn't that cool enough ? ya i know its COOL ENOUGH  for you kan ? Do you ever think what  you did ?  Do you ever think before you did that ?  oh ya i forgot that hot girls can do what they want kan ? whatever lah girls i just want to say that please think before you do anything if not maybe you can hurt someone's heart :) xx

15 August 2010


just update my tumblr ! redlikerose.tumblr.com :)

14 August 2010

ni muka orang lepas buka puasa *FULL GILA haha

13 August 2010

friendship ♥

I just realized that both of you are growing up and gettin prettier everyday 

11 August 2010

second day :)

Alhamdullilah, today second day of puasa and 28 to-go baby ! hahaha -,- raya raya raya :D and again EXAM :( nvm it just normal test haha forget about that,so sick thinking about this thing *-,- So lazy to go bazar but really want to go hayya --' at 9 i have music class with ainaa tired xx

cool yooo :)

First day of Ramadhan :) its Ramadhan or not it doesn't matter cause for sure my class just  the same everyone was like hyperactive although they were fasting haha, especially those boys :p Happy Fasting everyone xx

10 August 2010

omg where are you ? i just can't find you :\

09 August 2010


Ramadhan is such a great month for us, such a blessed month :)


Can i say that today such a hungry and thirsty day ? haha mcm tak makan 3 tahun -,- Sambutan hari patriotik is such a funny thing haha but cool jugak lah boleh tahan but sorry to say it was boring hehe (!) masalah off tiba tiba paling tak suka -,- bye xx

Chace Crowford ♥

08 August 2010


more photos in FB :)
Today ! i went to Zoie's Birthday Party at Melawati we played paintball. Ya paintball such a pain thing to play -,- haha but at least i have experience :) it was cool ! At first so scared to play but at last it was okay not sooo paint haha Nadim was the most awesome player ! haha My team won ! woohoo haha love it ! Today i'm totally tired so bye xx

07 August 2010

brrrrrrrr ♥

6 August 2010- Sleepover at Amirah's lovely castle haha, sooo much fun ! it was blast ! great time ♥.♥ and ! can't you see i have new hair quite short -,- next post Zoie's Birthday Party :)

06 August 2010


next post : sleepover :)

05 August 2010

04 August 2010

yesterday ? no its today

Fasting ? ya ya today it was just fine not soo like yesterday because most of us were fasting hehe* so we were just tired to talk and laughing haha, omg cool i break  fast with pizza man ! cool kan ? hahahaha XD till then xx

imagination -.-

03 August 2010

i need it !
  •  my own camera 
  • new phone
  •  more money keching keching*
  • i need perfume the last one is the one that mum gave me last April -.-
  • shirts
  • skirt
  • dress
  • video cam 
ya saya tahu semuanya merapu tapi kalau dapat weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

zip zap

Basically i'm happy today. its all about those stupid jokes that Dinie read for me :) seriously i still can remember those jokes hehe so funny* Start with unpredictable morning and i'm asking myself today what is going to happen ? start my day with BISSMILLAH and lastly amin :) So stress because i just can't concentrated with my study because of electricity -.- no fan no light ? huh -.- skip my ICTL class is the most worst thing today haha so stupid dang* okay bye bye xx

02 August 2010

seriously i miss you :')

ha ?

its AUGUST ? AUGUST ? tell me its not ! oh my it so fast till i can't believe that i'm going 15 nest year ? :( i need my childhood memories haha gedik*


its holiday baby ! shout out loud ! woke up at 9 maybe -.- go out with my mum bought some groceries and lastly spring cleaning at my room hahhahahah XD so tired get some sleep and and and update my lovely blog ! hehe why do i feel so happy ha ? oh no ! tomorrow school day :'( gtg bye xx

01 August 2010

kill me

kill me if you want to ! now !

done done done enough enough enough

Just back from school, ya its Sunday ! but why am i  schooling ? haha my school have some carnival and all those things today i have to do some runway show and last but not least tarian haha* so tired right now and now i'm eating :) haha so sleepy right now need some sleep bye bye xx