26 March 2011

They're really pretty and i really really adore them hihi

Hi, just got back from camp and I'm so the very very tired, haha tata xx

22 March 2011

Hi, just wanna say that my life is kinda bored sometimes, oh ya and sometimes I really hate myself too whatsoever bai x

19 March 2011

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Hi, last night was epic ! Hihi thanks dad xx

15 March 2011

You have no idea how your smile makes my worries go awaaaayyyy....

13 March 2011

*Thanks Nfa Farhana hihi xx

12 March 2011

Forget past mistakes.  Forget failures.  Forget everything except what you're going to do now and do it.

Me me me la la la ka !


YO, WHATSUP! haha, Finally Its holi holi holidaaaaaaaaaay ! Yeay yeay yeay for me. But still, I have tuition classes. EVERYDAY*  Mon-Fri -.- but nvm I have so much fun there ! Seriously I really love my gals, Ainaa Alya Jimmy Egee Sab Putri and so on lah hha, They're crazaaay! Hehe and i really love my two classmates Siti and Din mwah for you. Btw I really really wanna say thank you to Siti, she help me ALOT haha, for everything, lab you citi hihi, and I love you all too, Tata have a nice holiday and have a blast ! xx

01 March 2011

Hello babiesz, haha how are you ? Everything's okay ? I hope so, haha. Okay last Monday was quite embarrassing me -.- Okay let by gone be by gone katanya Lidya haha Okay I just still cannot believe that next week is examination week myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Okay need to start my revision tata babies xx