29 May 2010

i need sunshine

moshi moshi :)
hmm , i hate exam , do we need exam ? there's no other way ke ? selain exam ?
now its already MAY , then june then july then august then septamber then october then november then december then ? 
hmm , PMR ;( i feel like a minute , tuk tap tuk tap dah MAY , hayyo -.-
 i'll try my best to still stay in class A till nextyear . Amin .

28 May 2010


i'm lovin it !
okay today no school so my sister have dancing class , wake up then have breakfast at McD with my dad and my mum then we go to my aunt's house and have lunch at home :)
before we go breakfast haha sempat lg snap snap both picture snap by my dad :)
thnks its cool !

27 May 2010


sometimes what we need we can't get . something we have to do but we not , we do something because of something that we need .
haha , understand ?
nahhh forget it ! haha , okay okay okay okay okay today exam was like 50/50 hehe
for history i can remember maybe half of it ? -.- english paper 1okay paper 2 a bit susah haha.
okay now i'm gonna focus on MATHEMATICS (!)
jeng jeng jeng :p 

25 May 2010


okay good evening people :) tomorrow !  ya , i already did my revision for science bm but there're a bit more :D tomorrow BM & SCIENCE PAPER  thnk god it's paper 1 hehe :D hopefully dapat jawab dgn tenang & tepat & betul  AMIN :) btw today is the last day Cik Liyana with us . Hopefully we can meet again lain masa lain tahun hehe :D thnks teaching us with patiently hehe :D

23 May 2010

Miss Lonely

dum dum di dum dum di dum dum
hmm what a boring sunday i had -..-
hehe , wake up in a normal mornaannnng and bath and breakfast and bla bla bla .
Today i'm lonely because i'm ALONE in this house ! hmm firstly i feel happy but  then feel boring and boring and gettin boring :p hmm study for exam ? ? ? nahhhhh, just a bit when i open my book i feel soooooo lazy
but i want to get straight A's hmmmmmm macam mana ? 
ting ting ting ting (!)
its time to sleep bye goodnight :)

22 May 2010

what a saturday,

firstly , hye all ! actually me ainaa dinie & tini planed to go A.P . Haha at last tini tak pergi
and its almost rainy haha then i wait till 11a.m and text ainaa at last tak pergi i help my mum cooked dgn pakai baju ape sume haha , while waiting ainaa & dinie sempat lagi webbi hihi :)

20 May 2010

happy teachers day :D

teachers teachers :]
first of all thnks to all my teachers from i was in standard 1 until now i'm 14 :) 
teachers day was fun but at first i was like kelam kabut TOTALLY ! haha 
okay just forget that thing , its fun there're bands that make performance great performance good job ! hehe

tired haha this word is my favorite word hehe !

15 May 2010

badabing badabang badaboom

This monday is teacher's day :D so, everybody busy preparing for this becoming monday , ME TOO :p
tired is all what i can say now soooo and very tired :( 
today we had gotong royong at school plus decorating dewan and all that .
there bands that practicing for this monday , after everything is ready (not everything actually) haha we just lepak-ing at dewan with Adik syakirah adik ines && adik2 yg lain haha :DDD
tomorrow ??


10 May 2010


omg , today i'm so greatful because i'm free after school , don't have to go to school for drama or tarian or whatever haha :D i can rest ! uhhyeahhh :) i sleep from 3pm tp 4:30pm haha its quite long time hihi

08 May 2010


happy mothers day mama i love you . Thnks for everything you've done , you willing to do anything for me as long as i'm happy eventhough mama garang heee :D 
 * i bought a bouquet of white rose & teddy bear hehe for my mum

chance for me

today is Hari Anugerah i have to go because i have to take sijil plus drama again , seriously now i'm totally tired
 ZzZzzZZZzz haha ,  btw tomorrow is MOTHER's DAY ! i'm totally excited hihi :D i already bought present for my mummy . MUAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

06 May 2010

hmm whatcha say ?

nothing .
 haih , nothing to say every thing that i plan always like just not going smootly
haih every single thing mesti ade problem ni lah then ni lah hayyo :( 
no mood :|

05 May 2010


woaoooooooooooooooooo (!)
it was blastttttttttttttttttt !
great fun happy full of laugh && unforgettable !
in the bus i sit besides dinie she was like crazy  all the time  :) she brought all her mummy stuff shawl lah , hat lah ahha
& we just doing stupid things haha -,-
first we went to muzium lukut , then we went to muzium ape tah haha && tanjung tuan :)
tired tired tired tired !
these are SOME of the pic theres more in my fb :)
hahahhaha !

04 May 2010


its time !
Day after day after day , suddenly its time what i waiting for , its time to go LUKUT,N.SEMBILAN
haha at school the most excited girl is SARRA TASYA NATALIE :) haha she was like talking about Lukut ALL the time but me too we just like ask people "ehh tomorrow kan what do you wear ah ?" then ade org ckp i pakai bikini lah i pakai swimming suit lah ahahha :D 
HOPEFULLY i will have a TOTALLY great day and fun and cool day and have a very unforgettable moments with my lovely friends 

03 May 2010

free it here

Such a release day
 at last my work is done (drama) haha, it just a ordinary drama about cigarette & drugs for 3K weeks , 
then just go back class and have a normal  study , then after break we just like chatting all the time because 
Pn.Tee is not coming i guess , then Dinie ke Ainaa decide to make a confession JUST between us (ainaa amira me & dinie)
then we just like release all things haha :D and Ainaa was like unhappy but we promise we will fix all things the most thing is 
haha for sure thats why we do that , then we just ask about 2,3 boys , haha thnks :D

01 May 2010

nothing more

its a confession ;D
quite for along time we haven't meet :(