20 June 2010

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehooo :p

Okay eventhough tomorrow school day *huh today i had awesome time with my girls at pavilion :) so much fun its actually last minute plan haha. Haha quite for a long time we didn't chatting gossiping because of holidays so they have their own family activities , we had lunch at Wild Basil fun time taking pic , story-ing haha :D FUN , then we bought some stuff from Times bookshop , forever 21 . Again we lepak-ing at Baskin Robins hve some ice-cream & we met many weird people haha :D

08 June 2010


 okaay, i'm tired, today i went shopping at Sogo ahahah :D quite for along time i didn't go there last sekali time last year haha i bought jeans , shirt bla bla bla , lunch at secret recipe and then went to kamdar haha beli kain for raya semangat doo haha -.- btw can't wait for raya ! hehe

05 June 2010

i know i did that -.-

i don't know why ,
i know i already did that , like judge the book by its cover, hmm people can change change to be better or not its not the problem as long as we accept the changes that they made.Sometimes people be selfish everybody did that i know, but salah ke org nk berubah ? is that wrong ? when we know someone and we was like tak suka dia then they try to be better is that wrong ? i don't think so people . friendship is important to me , we only have friends besides family :) so friends are important .

02 June 2010

My day start again

okay , my exam already finished ! yeay wohoooooo :D 
holiday holiday holiday :D okay i hope i can get straight A's ! amin :)
now i'm gonna have a great weeks (2 weeks) ! with my dearest girls :DD  btw sarra congrates !
wahh sekarang semua dah HOT haha :p sayang semua !
Qurra bila nk jumpa ? :'(

01 June 2010

free it here !

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :]
okay kh was okay , geo senang haha :D
tmrrow mathematics hopefully its easy as geo amin !
is the newest word from us haha (DINIE the master & AINAA)
such a cute word hahahahha -_______-