27 September 2010

hi readers, okay lets start :)
Saturday, okay went Myra's Open House with Dinie and Ainaa and met Ezreen as well ! miss you so much darling :') i was sooooooooo happy dapat jumpa Ezreen and she wore tudung ! comelnya kamu ezreen hihi :) and then we went Amirah's lovely home sweet home, just ate some biskut raya and drank a glass of water, on our way from Amirah's to my house something happen it was fu*king funny tau dinie haha okay i'm sure that Dinie or Ainaa will write something about this haha Dinie dinie -.-' hahhaa  we actually wanted to go to Aliah's bf''s open house but we can't make it :( kak Leeya sorry gila gila gila gila gila :'(  it was raining like crazy dgn payung kebenda segala kan omg we was like -.-' errrrrr and then 2 incidents happen again it was funny like hell, i dont know why on my way to take aliah i was walking with Dinie and suddenly i felt on the sidewalk dgn begitu sopannya haha i don't know why -.-' ainaa, dinie and amirah were like gelak tak ingat dunia and i was like HELLO GALS ! sakit tahu tak -.-' hahaha, then AGAIN went Amirah's lovely yellow big house because thats the only way for us that time. Thanks Amirah for the shirt and pants hihi muah muah :*
thats all readers till then :)

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